Former American Eagle Airlines Facility
Dutchess County Airport


Sun Pipeline Gasoline Spill
Newtown, PA

Vapor Mitigation

Toxic gases and irritant vapors have been around since the advent of the modern industrialized society. The EPA, OSHA, health departments and state agencies have been studying and regulating measurement, toxicology, control and mitigation of these vapors as long as they have been in existence. CEMCO’s multifaceted combination of licensed professional staff, trained field mitigation specialists, and experience with hundreds of soil, groundwater and vapor clean- ups positions us uniquely to provide unsurpassed design and build services.

Residential: Recent concerns over lower concentrations of toxics have shown numerous residential sites being at health risk over vapors from historic industrial activities and naturally occurring toxic gases (radon). Things to know:

  • Relocating hundreds of residences as in Saint Louis, MO, and Love Canal, NY, are rarely implemented options.
  • The more common activity is the relocation of harmful gases from the living spaces.
  • Depressurization system and ventilation systems are the common choice.

CEMCO’s combination of professional designers conducting tests and developing installation plans is then implemented by CEMCO installation technicians to create a single loop of communication rarely available in the industry. Backed by years of experience and hundreds of successful mitigations of soil, groundwater and vapors, CEMCO provides a premier service to homeowners with vapor concerns.

ndustrial: Vapor concerns at industrial sites are often related to other regulated impacts. Ground water or soil impact often carry and act as a supply of harmful and regulated vapors. CEMCO’s combination of ground water treatment capabilities, and soil remediation capabilities are the perfect platform to launch us into the vapor control aspect of any cleanup. Demolition, reconstruction membrane installation disposal of impacted residuals, wells installation testing all can be conducted by CEMCO utilizing trained CEMCO specialists.