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"CEMCO is dedicated to providing high-quality environmental services in conjunction with our clients’ regulatory compliance, environmental, and waste management needs.

We will strive to provide customized quality services on an efficient and personalized basis."

George J. Kayser, President


Drawing from over 20 years of experience working in hazardous environments, CEMCO offers full and secure decontamination services to sites or offices where virus contamination is suspected

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CEMCO - Custom Environmental Management Company, Inc.

CEMCO is an environmental services company that combines strict EPA compliance with innovative environmental cleanup technology. Cemco is an environmental specialist leader in environmental hazardous waste disposal, site assessment, soil remediation, underground storage tank removal, oil spill response, clean up and analysis along with several other major environmental remediation services.

All areas of our expertise provide customers with a mechanism to comply with the ever-growing and complex array of state, local, and federal environmental laws and regulations. We find there is absolutely no substitute for quality
environmental consulting work ethic and ensure our clients have peace of mind from start to finish on every project we accept.

CEMCO services all businesses governed by environmental law and regulation who commonly augment their staff or do not have full-time environmental staff, and who utilize outside services in support of their main business functions (i.e., manufacturing, transportation, warehousing, construction, or architect engineering, as well as banks, real estate, insurance, private, and governmental.)
Our major areas of focus are: